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Computer Networking & Disaster Recovery Services – Guaranteeing Hassle-free Business Operation

06th June 2012

Networking of your IT systems and protection of data are two key concerns for all the IT-based companies. For better communication, sharing and access, computer networking solutions are extremely useful. Moreover, to protect your crucial business data, stored in the computers, also need to be protected from any form of unforeseen natural or human disaster, for which a sound disaster recovery plan is required. Through computer networking and data protection, you can maintain smooth business operations even when the computer networks crash or a disaster strikes.

Computer networking solutions

Through networking, you can allow computers to share an Internet connection and enables you to

  • Communicate - For SMEs and big corporate houses, quick, easy and simple communication path is mandatory. With the help of computer networking solutions, the communication among employees, with clients and other third party people becomes simplified and information can be shared with a large number of people within minutes.
  • Share data - When working in a team or with the clients, a lot of data has to be shared such as documents, files, account information and multimedia reports. A sound computer network also facilitates hardware sharing and application sharing.
  • Have instant and multiple access - It also allow a number of people to get authorised access to computer data, instantly.
  • Broadcast – Information can be broadcasted over the network any time of the day, overcoming the time barrier.
  • Save cost and time – In the absence of a sound computer network, communication and data sharing process becomes complex and time consuming. You have to spend a lot of money and time on the paper work and arrange for face-to-face and telephonic meetings. But through networking, you can reduce transportation and communication expenses.
  • Remote access and login – Employees that are working on-site can also access the network simply with the help of network remote IP or web remote IP.

Disaster recovery services

While setting up a computer networking system is imperative for effective communication and data sharing, any natural disaster or human error can halt your operations. What will you do if your computer network suddenly crashes? Hacker attacks, computer viruses, electric power failures, underground cable cuts or failures, fire, flood or any other natural disaster at your facility or a mistake in system administration can lead to a loss of data and damage your computer network.

Consider the following points to put in place a disaster recovery plan that protects all your data and networks from any form of disaster –

  • When working on a disaster recovery plan, you must remember three key areas: Data, Systems and People.
  • Have in place a backup solution.
  • The on-site and off-site locations where your data has to be stored must be identified.
  • Providing sufficient training to those who have are supposed to execute the disaster recovery plan.

There are a number of disaster recovery services providers who help you in identifying the important data that has to be stored, estimating the costs involved, and selecting a safe location that is protected from any form of disaster. These service providers effectively test the plan for recovering and restoring the critical data of your organisation and keep copies of your disaster recovery plan, on-site and off-site.