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Disaster Recovery Plan - Imperative for Business Continuity

17th May 2012

Loss of critical business data is the last thing you expect to happen in your organisation, but these things continue to happen due to unforeseen disasters that strike without warning. This loss of data can cause a standstill in operations and force you to start from all over again. It is because of this fear of loss that preventive measures in the form of a robust disaster recovery plan need to be implemented.

The primary objectives of a disaster recovery plan are should be-

1. To prevent damages from an escalating disaster.
2. Prevent injury to the company staff and property, as well as the general public.
3. To minimise economic damage on the company.
4. To restore the business to its original conditions.

A critical area of an organisation that needs a sound disaster recovery plan is the IT infrastructure. As most businesses rely on advanced information technology, it becomes necessary to have a recovery plan in place. Thus, a disaster recovery plan is a subset for business continuity and every possible measure should be taken to ensure that it can enable the company to stand strong in case of any form of natural and human disaster.

There are a number of IT support agencies that offer disaster recovery services to businesses of all sizes. You can assign the job of building a plan, maintaining it, updating and applying it to one such agency. Generally, a central control area is established by the disaster recovery team which is responsible for coordinating the development effort, training the employees who rely on the IT infrastructure, and managing scarce resources. The disaster recovery planners have the expertise that ensures smooth and quick development of a plan. These disaster recovery services can be customised as per the size and operation of the business. They ensure that disruption to business operations is minimised and business continuity is guaranteed.