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Role of Disaster Recovery in Current Business Scenario

1st March 2010
Increasing role of IT in sustaining enterprises in the long run has made data recovery services, computer disaster recovery or hard Drive recovery indispensible. No firm or industry can manage its operations for a span of years in the absence of efficient disaster recovery infrastructure.

Just like human life, businesses too are subject to unforeseen circumstances and disasters caused by nature or human actions. Due to the extensive damage caused by such unpredictable events, Disaster Management has come to acquire special significance in the curriculum of Universities and colleges of today. While disaster management is a broader term that includes foreseeing and managing emergencies occurring at regional, national or international level such as earthquakes, cyclones, floods or volcano eruptions; disaster recovery is the terminology associated with emergencies arising from use of business technology. It includes all the policies, guidelines and procedures to enable business units cope with a sudden disaster. While little can be done to cope up with the natural disasters, disasters caused by humans like sabotage, virus intrusion, scam, walkouts etc. can be well taken care of by hiring the competent data recovery services. There are ample online data recovery services who offer quick, reliable and cost effective services under various plans to help business units concerning Hard Drive Recovery.

Information plays a key role in the expansion of a business especially when we talk of tenders, contracts, or quotes, developing clientele, establishing contacts so on and so forth. Outsourcing of business operations is another area where vital customer information such as credit/debit card details, phone numbers, contact addresses  and other personal information are maintained in the Computer systems. Any damage to such confidential information or disclosure of such information can be detrimental to the very existence of an organization. 24x7 work culture and e-commerce are two factors which have transformed the way business is done at present times. Volumes of sales, deals, purchases, contracts are done in minutes without even the need to come into the physical contact with the respective business parties. Money can be remitted to and from any part of the world anytime. All this has been possible only because of information technology. This is the prime reason why reputed business houses deploy effective data recovery services.

Tips or strategies for disaster recovery:

  • Create backup on CDs, DVDs, tapes etc. on a daily basis
  • Maintain a record room with restricted access to ensure security.
  • Install efficient network security using password and block features.
  • If budget is not a constraint, high end scanning devices could be installed in places such as research and development to prevent pilferage of confidential information

Wide application of IT in fields like medicine, education, banking, insurance, customer service, research and development etc. has definitely made life more convenient on one hand but also has made humans technically dependent. A good example in this connection is that of simple mathematical calculations in our daily life. While some of us can perform mental calculations with much ease, most of them just cannot do without taking the help of a calculator.