Swift Computers

Disaster Recovery

Safeguarding your business continuity through our disaster recovery plan

To ensure your business keeps running or recovers quickly in times of disaster, come to Swift Computers. We offer an expansive range of disaster recovery services that make sure your business sails through in case disaster strikes.

Disaster doesn’t always mean floods or earthquakes; even a mundane event like power blackout can spell disaster if you are not prepared well in advance. In the absence of a disaster recovery plan you risk losing your most critical business information and data.

We, at Swift Computers, can provide a disaster recovery plan tailored for your business so that any disruption to your business is minimised, your cash flow is protected and business continuity is guaranteed.

As part of our disaster recovery services, we prepare a list of all necessary documents and information that are critical for business continuity. Then, with the help of our automated process of disaster recovery, offsite data backup and hard drive recovery, we ensure that rapid and cost-effective execution of the disaster recovery plan is achieved.

Our disaster recovery services do not merely comprise of ideas to deal with disaster, but are a well articulated and detailed course of action to ensure that businesses of our clients can get through a disaster and continue on in the aftermath. Our solutions empower you with 100% business uptime at affordable costs. The availability of our 24x7 support team and monitoring software help you come out of any complex situation in no time.

Get started right away with our disaster recovery plans- because disaster doesn’t announce its arrival! Call us at 1300 887 672