Business Continuity Planning – Transition to Remote Working

In these challenging times of COVID-19, social distancing has become an important aspect of our daily lives and it has changed the dynamic on how we work. Companies are turning to working from home where possible. However, most of them have never done such a transition before, at such a large scale. The process of setting up a remote workstation is easier said than done.

Risks of not getting it right can affect employee wellbeing, business data integrity, security breach, system infrastructure inadequacy to allow smooth operations, VPN bandwidth to allow volume parallel processing etc.

A remote setup that’s done in a haste can lead to compromised data and security of your organization. Its very important that your employees get a strong bandwidth with a secure connection.

You can achieve BUSINESS CONTINUITY despite this turmoil.

At Swift, we can get you and your employees ready to work remotely in the most secure and reliable manner. We can help you with the following aspects in getting your organisation up and running remotely.

  • Hardware such as new or refurbished laptops, phones & routers at discounted rates.
  • VPN Setup
  • Phone system capabilities – VOIP phone systems, re-routing calls to employees’ mobiles and setting up soft phones
  • Infrastructure facilities — Review phone, mobile, internet plans to ensure cost savings
  • Ensure adequate Firewall protection is at an enterprise level
  • Load testing of the VPN
  • Check access speeds/anti-virus/spam filters at user’s-end
  • Video Conferencing
  • Sending consent forms to staff to sign-off on confirmation that their home allows work place safety and is not hazardous in any way while they work.