Managed Services

Our solutions reduce the complexity of your business; therefore, less downtime leads to more productivity.

Managed IT Services

The rapid growth of technical environment in businesses has made its management …

Server & Network Support

Each business, large or small, has an intensive IT network.


Virtualisation is a coming of age technology which almost every business has now acquired.

Managed IT Services
The rapid growth of technical environment in businesses has made its management challenging, complicated, and resource intensive. One thing is crystal clear, business grows faster than you can anticipate. With rapidly growing business your infrastructure also needs to grow simultaneously or it will result in fallback of the system. Teams responsible to maintain good health of the IT system should always be on alert mode and need to constantly update their skills to cope with technological evolution in the IT sector.
Appointing a separate team to maintain IT system of your business might consume a lot of money and workspace. To avoid all this and to keep your system regulated, that too in a cost-effective manner, an extra-set of hands will come in handy. Nowadays even small businesses are relying on managed IT services as it improves the operational efficiency of their business and simultaneously reduces the complexities as well as costs. If the IT system of your company is not protected or maintained it can destroy your important files and hours of work. The operating system might break down, or security can be compromised. Also, network down can become a daily problem in your firm. Appointing a dedicated managed IT services provider will take care of all these potential problems and help your business grow without any disruptions. If your business is indeed facing such issues then what should you do?
You need to appoint a managed IT services provider and Swift Computers is the solution you are looking for. Our team works round the clock to cover all your IT operations needs 24X7. We monitor your system, resolve issues when we see one, and take a 360-degree responsibility of the entire IT system so that your employees can put all their focus in the work and not worrying about system failure.
Through managed IT services you can get your system monitored remotely, manage the servers, desktop and also mobile devices. Managed IT services will reduce the burden of maintaining IT for your company and will allow you to focus on the core of your business.
We not only provide IT services but also take strategic decisions related to your IT system. Whenever your business needs consultation for IT implementation you can rely on us. Swift Computers Managed IT services makes sure your system is safe from online threats that might lead to system failure.
Our managed IT services are affordable, effective, and will definitely help your business to grow. You can rely on us when it comes to any kind of IT service and we will be here.

Server & Network Support
Each business, large or small, has an intensive IT network. Your whole business relies upon the data stored in the IT system. In short, the servers are like the heart of your whole business as they manage the traffic, allow access to important files and documents, and as mentioned earlier, to all the data of your business. Even a small problem in this system can seriously put your business way back in its progress and can put a halt on the workflow.
Numerous businesses run into IT system breakdown each day and then spend crucial time into rebuilding the system. The time which can be otherwise invested in focusing on a new product that your company is launching or in providing better services to the customers. Therefore, you need to be engaged in regular IT support for your IT system. If your business does not have proper IT support it is vulnerable and poses a risk of viruses or security breach.
Make your business risk free from malware exposure and uninvited threats by taking a regular server and network support from professionals. Eliminate the distractions, stay focused, and on top of the competition in this pacing market. When your business needs a routine check or network maintenance we here at Swift Computers are ready to take on the burden happily to serve you. We engage all resources at our disposal to keep your business well-oiled and help it run smoothly.
Our online and onsite support teams are always on their toes to assist and solve any issues that your system might run into. You can get the most out of your current server technology just by upgrading or replacing the existing server. We always focus on giving our clients the best advice so that they don’t face huge costs into getting unnecessary updates or replacing the server when the current one is working just fine.
The IT system of your business also must have a high uptime so that your customers can get lighting fast services and do not have to wait for minutes for your website to load. And we at Swift Computers constantly monitor your system to maintain its health and protect your IT investment. We provide a protective shell to your servers and networks allowing your business to run smoothly without any disruptions.
You can always rely on us when it comes to server and network support of your business. Our mission is to make your IT environment safer, efficient, and threat free.

Virtualisation is a coming of age technology which almost every business has now acquired. This technology lets you expand your resources without even investing a huge sum of money. Initially implemented by large companies now even small businesses are joining the bandwagon. No matter if your business is large or small virtualisation technology is so innovative that along with saving you huge money it increases the efficiency of your business multiple folds. But how exactly does virtualisation work?
Virtualisation technology allows multiple virtual machines to run on a single physical machine. Several virtual machines use the resources of a single machine and still work in their own environment without disrupting any other machine. If yours is a large company, with dosens or more servers, then you should acquire server virtualisation technology which will combine a number of machines and allow you to use more machines on same servers with higher efficiency. Smaller companies have an option to virtualise their desktops too. This technology helps businesses to grow efficiently without maintaining numerous equipment and make better use of the available resources.

Why Use Virtualisation?

First thing first, once you virtualise your servers you can run multiple operating systems like Windows and Linux on a same physical server. This allows your IT team to work on two different systems. Thus, you can maintain different virtual servers on a single physical server. Additionally, once you have configured one virtual server, you can set up several new virtual servers using the configuration of the first one. This will take just a couple of minutes instead of hours needed to set up the new configuration.
Now to make your IT system virtualised you will appoint a professional team to take care of the technicalities. We at Swift Computers are dedicated to providing you with the much-needed assistance both online and onsite. Our expert team keeps a keen eye on your system and protects it from any external threats or security breaches. Appointing a third professional party dedicated to purely serve for IT department will not only save you lot of time but also help your employees to focus on the core business.
We take care from virtualizing your servers to desktop all in one go. This way your team starts working again quickly without any major break. Swift Computers will be the tech advisor, supporter, and rescuer for your business. We are affordable, efficient, and always available at your service.

Desktop & User Support

Are you a settled business or are you just starting out? One thing you might have…

Dedicated Helpdesk

There’s no fixed time and date for a technical problem to pop up and create a halt in…

Security Services

Is your company facing limited IT budget problem? Are you worried about…

Desktop and User Support
Are you a settled business or are you just starting out? One thing you might have noticed is how important technology is to get your company moving upon the ladder no matter at what point is your business. The more efficient your IT system the more work output. And with businesses moving towards digitization technological support has become like a backbone for every organization.
Managing the IT Department
Whatever the size of your business, managing technology yourself can become a complex task and can cost you huge money. But with professional third-party help, it can become quite easy, cost-cutting, and faster. Swift Computers provides industry’s top-of-the-line desktop and user support services and can cut down up to 50% of your costs.
What Benefits can you get from Swift Computers?
Swift Computers works as a mentor who guides you right from selecting the right hardware best suitable for your company until resolving the end users’ issues. Here are some details about what you can expect out of our services:
Choosing Right Hardware: Each business has its own unique IT hardware requirement. You might overbuy and later find out your company doesn’t require much so end up wasting money. Or you might purchase hardware below the quality and waste both time and money. But once you join hands with us we will get you the right hardware at right time.
Setting up the System: Your IT department now has the right hardware and needs to be set up quickly to get started. Our expert team at Swift Computers will build your IT system with all necessary software, settings, and equipment effectively. We do all the labor to get your business up front and running as soon as possible.
Up-to-Date Software Management: As the technology changes or software gets the new update it might become tedious for your team to get familiar with that change. We take care of your system by keeping it up-to-date and our team’s friendly nature will help your staff to learn the new changes quickly.
End User Support: Our team is constantly on their toes when it comes to onsite or online support to our customers. We resolve any kind of IT issue and make sure you get back on track in no time. Be it the workstation management and maintenance or replacements and upgrades, just give us a call and relax.
If your company is looking for cost-cutting on desktop and user support then contact Swift Computers and get to know more about our services.

Dedicated Helpdesk
There’s no fixed time and date for a technical problem to pop up and create a halt in your business workflow. The IT issues might arise when your employees are just about to close a deal with the customer. And when your company faces such sudden problems then a solution must be ready to quickly resolve them. Of course, your company cannot focus on solving the technical problems when it has a larger responsibility. This is where Swift Computers’ managed helpdesk will come in the loop to take care of your IT system.
You might think it’s probably not necessary to hire a dedicated help desk. But hiring one might just save your day. Our dedicated helpdesk support has the potential to solve the technical issues with just one phone call. Hiring a managed services dedicated help desk will boost the productivity of your business and save you from huge financial losses.
Benefits of Swift Computer’s Dedicated Helpdesk
Before you choose to hire a managed service provider, let us brief you about what services we provide.
Once an employee encounters a technical issue it eats a minimum of 20 minutes to solve that issue and get back to work. Wasting so much time degrades the productivity overall. But with our dedicated helpdesk service, your employees can get back on track in just a couple of minutes. That’s not all. We also resolve issues your system might run into after your office closes. Our quick services help to assist your employees across all devices and at any time.
Huge Cost Cutter Services
Some businesses might consider dedicated helpdesk unnecessary. And this ignorance will eventually result in network downtime. Only an hour of network downtime can cost your business a huge loss. Swift Computers’ dedicated helpdesk covers a full range of technical issues and keeps your IT system up and running.
Expert and Experienced Team
Our dedicated team has years of experience in the IT sector and have in-depth knowledge about IT servers, network security, and solving technical issues. Our team assists and suggests if there are any upgrades to be made or if an additional layer of security is required for your system.
So take the first step toward ensuring a good health of the heart of your business – the IT system. Get in touch with Swift Computers today to keep your system up-to-date with the rapidly changing technological environment.

Security Services
Is your company facing limited IT budget problem? Are you worried about the security of your IT system? Don’t worry, these problems are faced by many large and small companies each day. And the solution to this problem is simple yet very efficient and powerful. All you need to do is hire an experienced, expert, and dedicated managed security services provider who will take care of your IT system’s security and, that too, in an affordable budget. And we at Swift Computers are at your service. Our IT security services are top-of-the-line with advanced technology and state-of-the-art tools. From protecting your system from dangerous threats to solving the technical issues we are always ready and alert.
The IT system is the heart of your business. All the data, important files, reports, etc. are stored in the servers and needs to be protected at any cost. A security breach or internal system breakdown can destroy months, or sometimes, years of data in a matter of minutes causing you huge financial loss too. Therefore, hiring a managed security service provider makes even more sense. Prevention is always better than cure.
Why Swift Computers?
While there are several IT security service providers we assure to provide maximum and most cost-effective services to our clients. Here are some of the major benefits of choosing us:
Management and Availability
We are dedicated to serving our clients without any limitation of time. So, your business will still be up and running even after your office’s closing time. We are available 24/7 to assist and resolve issues that might affect your system. Our security management technology allows us to identify potential security threats even before they attack your IT system. This way we make sure to safeguard your IT system with keen security patches.
Cost-effective Services
We at Swift Computers believe in delivering the best services without burning your pocket. We understand your needs and support your business with our transparent services to help you grow in the market. Our low cost managed security services will help you save money along with assured IT protection.
All Round Security Protection
It’s not just your servers or computers that need to be guarded but your internal information requires the same advanced security patch. We also provide email security services and network security services which adds an advanced layer in your system.
Join hands with us and grow your business like never before and, that too, without worrying about any security threat. We will be the soldiers on the frontline to guard your business empire.

Network Security

The rapid growth and evolution of technology are making hackers even smarter.

Email Security

In this technologically driven era and fast-paced communications, electronic mail might seem..

Project Services

Setting up an IT system in-house for a business, large or small, is a complex and…

Network Security
The rapid growth and evolution of technology are making hackers even smarter. They use complex programming to sneak into business networks to steal important data. Your system might get compromised if a dangerous virus finds its way in. Traditional anti-virus programs are not enough to stop such high-risk viruses. And with growing business, your IT system eventually gets more complex.
Your system is prone to security threats like viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, adware, identity theft, etc. among many others. The presence of such harmful threats makes your system vulnerable. Now the question is how do you secure your system with less complexity and still provide it maximum security? The answer is to implement additional strong layers of security called a next-generation firewall. This firewall includes services like:
  • Web content filtering
  • Virus protection
  • Intrusion and theft protection
  • VPN services
Swift Computers protects your IT system by applying these layers of security so that your network passes through us and eliminates threats if there are any. This way your entire system is under the supervision and can quickly report any issues. Our standard reporting protocol provides a single report which helps us in determining threats across the whole system and take action at once. Our advanced security firewall gives your entire IT network stronger and layered protection against powerful threats.
Protection of Important Data
All your business depends on the valuable data stored in the data storage or cloud. If someone breaches your security and steals the data, years of work can wash down the drain in minutes and your company can face unimaginable loss.
But with integrated firewall, protection against intrusion, and antivirus feature Swift Computers will secure your IT system 360 degrees.
Cost Effective
Imagine the financial loss your company will face if your data is stolen. Or you invest in cheap security just to find out that your system was breached! Swift Computers cost effective high-class next-generation firewall is affordable and will save your huge money over the time.
The increased visibility into your IT system helps us to identify potential threats, unknown users, network devices, etc. This further helps us to quickly track any suspicious actions or users into the network to avoid any further damage.
Why Swift Computers?
When you have numerous options we at Swift Computers promise have something more to offer you.

Top-Class Network Security: Swift Computers provides multi-layered firewall system for your IT network. We take quick action and resolve the issue and provide you with monthly reports.
24/7 Helpline: Our team of experts is always on their toes to help you assist with the problems. We have a dedicated service desk team available 24/7 who are constantly keeping watch on your entire IT system.
Secure your company’s network today and ensure a safe, healthy future for your company. Once your network is protected it will help grow your business without any external risks.

Email Security
In this technologically driven era and fast-paced communications, electronic mail might seem a little old-fashioned. But this system of communication should not be underestimated. In 2015 alone around 205 billion emails were sent every day. Businesses, large or small, highly rely upon emails for communication because of its professional touch. Due to its simplicity, electronic mail is also highly vulnerable to various attacks that can cause a serious breach in your IT environment affecting your business.
IAdditionally, the cost to bring your system back on track after an attack is tremendous. Therefore, a proven email security system can save your company from a huge trouble by protecting it from potential attacks.
ISwift Computers’ email security mechanism is a proven system which responds perfectly to the new wave of threats. Our security system provides a multi-layered security to your emails, Office 365, ransomware attacks, and filters spams.
Threats to your System
Without email security, your system is vulnerable to various attacks like:
Ransomware: A huge number of ransomware attacks are carried with the help of email. An attacker sends an attachment which, when you download, locks your computer or encrypt all your files. The problem won’t be solved until you pay the ransom to the attacker.
Phishing: In such attacks, emails are crafted carefully to fool the receiver and usually ask them to enter their information and bank credentials on a fake ‘official looking site’. And once the information is provided the attacker can hack into your bank account and steal a huge sum of money.
The attack on Business Emails: In such attacks, all of your business emails maybe compromised to facilitate fraud wire transfers.
Benefits of Email Security
Multi-layered Threat Protection
Swift Computers email security service protects your system from malicious URLs, harmful attachments, spams, ransomware, and malware. Our security system is simple and is completely visible for you to check the system and actions taken.
Deep Protection
Our system not just works on the surface but dives deep into your system to give it stronger protection. It authenticates the domain of the sender, inspects incoming attachments for advanced threats, scans malicious URLs, and encrypts your emails to protect sensitive information.
Boosts Productivity
With our email security system protecting your IT environment the overall system performance is boosted which, in turn, boosts the productivity of your business. You won’t have to worry about any threats and can focus completely on growing your company.
Swift Computers is dedicated to serving its clients and their reputation in the industry. Our services will not only protect you but help you grow. Give us a call to upgrade your business.

Project Services
Setting up an IT system in-house for a business, large or small, is a complex and time-consuming task. Because there are numerous things to set up like security solutions, disaster recovery system, etc. you must call in a team of experts to put in their knowledge and expertise to put everything in its place. Calling in a team of technical experts also makes sure that your company’s IT team is focused on the various other internal tasks.
Swift Computers dedicates a team of IT experts to each client so that you get a quick response when your system runs into some problem. By regularly having us check your system we notice the challenges your system faces. This allows us to be alert and save your system before it gets harmed. Our services allow your IT team to be more productive and focus on their task rather than worrying about external risks.
It’s simple, if you own a business you must outsource a team to design and deliver your IT projects to experts – Swift Computers. We offer a wide range of IT project services including networking, virtualisation, data storage, disaster recovery, network security, and many more.
Why Choose Swift Computers Project Services?
As a business, you have the right to choose a project service provider as per your choice. But the reasons that make Swift Computers a perfect partner for your business’s IT requirement are:
We Listen
What are your needs? What is your budget? What timeframe do you have and how much are your in-house capabilities? We don’t readily decide for you but we decide according to you. We listen to your needs and formulate a strategy accordingly. And based on your needs we deliver services keeping in mind rest of the market and ensure you get best and updated services.
Our Client is our Priority
We make sure that our client receives special attention towards their project and, therefore, we appoint a project manager who will look just after your project. The manager will hold meetings and will make sure your every employee is on the same page. He will determine all the requirements throughout the project so that services are delivered at a quick pace till the end.
Start to End Execution
Once you join hands with Swift Computers we begin delivering the services in pre-planned steps. We call meetings and design the project so as to know the needs and requirements of our clients and verify all the documents to execute the plan.
We Maintain the Quality
No matter how small or large is a certain part of the project, we ensure it gets the same detailed attention as an important part. The equipment we install in your system is tested and re-tested for quality check. Additionally, years of experience of our team comes in handy while executing your company’s project services.
Once the project is completed and yet something seems missing or needs to be changed we incorporate those changes in the best way possible. We keep an eye on the cost and timeframe of your project but never compromise on the quality. If it needs to be better we make it better.
  • Your business needs constant supervision for flowing smoothly and gaining new heights of success. Project services help you from setting up until the perfect execution of your business setup.
  • Your company gets an expert hand with skills which you might lack in-house. This helps you to have access to the latest technology solutions that prove very helpful while facing external threats.
  • If not outsourcing then you will have to train your in-house staff which will cost you both time and money. And our project services cost-effective with a team of experts at your disposal.
Swift Computers is dedicated to serving its clients in the best way possible without emptying their pockets. Our project services perfectly fit your needs and you can trust us to set up your IT system.

Disaster Recovery

IT system is the heart of your business and the data is the blood that keeps your company alive.

Disaster Recovery
IT system is the heart of your business and the data is the blood that keeps your company alive. It is extremely important to keep the data secured from external threats and cyber-attacks so that your company does not face the drowning phase. In events like cyber-attacks, security breach, natural disasters, or device failures the first thing that gets compromised after the hardware is the years of data and information about your company. Therefore, you need an assured way to make your data safe and secured. Here is when a dedicated disaster recovery plan will save your day.
Disasters don’t come with a pre-informed time and date. These catastrophic events can happen anywhere and anytime destroying whatever comes in its way. Companies prepare to face such disasters well before time so that their system comes to life quickly and can resume the work. Thus, saving the company from massive financial losses. Disaster recovery plan is a plan which helps all the aspects of your IT system running even after a major disaster.
Saves from gap: A disaster recovery plan is pre-assessed. Before you purchase a plan your IT system is thoroughly assessed for any vulnerabilities. This helps to build a strong plan according to your IT system. So after a disaster, your company can quickly cover the wasted time, thus, saving you from a long no-work gap.
Avoids Financial Losses: Once your company is covered with a disaster recovery plan you are saved from major losses as a single disaster can destroy years of valuable data.
Why Swift Computers?
When you purchase a disaster recovery plan from Swift Computers you are entitled to several benefits and our trust.
A Dedicated Team: We provide a dedicated team who assess your system for any weak points in your infrastructure. This helps us to provide you with a plan most suited to your IT.
Cost-Effective Services: Swift Computers disaster recovery plan is affordable and, in long-term, will save you a huge amount of money. We never compromise on our services and our team is always alert and helpful whenever you need us.
Prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, it’s a smart decision to invest in a plan which will save your company from unfortunate events. Join hands with us and let us protect your IT with dignity.