Email Security

Emails are the primary mode of documentation in business. According to statistics, in 2019 around 293.6 billion emails were sent everyday. That’s a crazy amount of emails sent around. Businesses, large or small, highly rely upon emails for communication because of its professional touch and retaining value. Due to its simplicity, electronic mail is also highly vulnerable to various attacks that can cause a serious breach in your IT environment affecting your business. Its important you safeguard your business against any cyber attacks that may come in the form of an email.
Additionally, the cost to bring your system back on track after an attack is tremendous. Therefore, a proven email security system can save your company from huge trouble by protecting it from potential attacks.
Swift Computers’ email security mechanism is a proven system which responds perfectly to the new wave of threats. Our security system provides a multi-layered security to your emails, Office 365, ransomware attacks, and filters spams.

Threats to your System

Without email security, your system is vulnerable to various attacks like:


A huge number of ransomware attacks are carried with the help of an email. An attacker sends an attachment which, when you download, locks your computer or encrypt all your files. The problem won’t be solved until you pay the ransom to the attacker.


In such attacks, emails are crafted carefully to fool the receiver and usually ask them to enter their information and bank credentials on a fake ‘official looking site’. And once the information is provided the attacker can hack into your bank account and steal a huge sum of money.

Attack on Business Emails:

In such attacks, all of your business emails maybe compromised to facilitate fraud wire transfers.

Benefits of Email Security

Multi-layered Threat Protection

Swift Computers email security service protects your system from malicious URLs, harmful attachments, spams, ransomware, and malware. Our security system is simple and is completely visible for you to check the system and actions taken.

Deep Protection

Our system not just works on the surface but dives deep into your system to give it stronger protection. It authenticates the domain of the sender, inspects incoming attachments for advanced threats, scans malicious URLs, and encrypts your emails to protect sensitive information.

Boosts Productivity

With our email security system protecting your IT environment the overall system performance is boosted which, in turn, boosts the productivity of your business. You won’t have to worry about any threats and can focus completely on growing your company.
Swift Computers is dedicated to serving its clients and their reputation in the industry. Our services will not only protect you but help you grow. Give us a call to upgrade your business.