SIP Trunking

Does your company need expert SIP trunking services? Swift Computers has years of experience and our customers are benefitting from our SIP trunking services. Our cost-effective services have significantly reduced their monthly expenses of ISDN costs and telephone bills.

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP trunking is the simplest way to operate your business phone systems using an internet connection instead of traditional phone lines. In other words, it connects your PBX system to public switched telephone network i.e. PSTN.
Applying SIP trunking to your business elevates your cost saving and helps you gain several other benefits. You get more flexibility and control over call routing. Also, it helps maintain your business continuity through disaster recovery option.

How does SIP Trunking work?

SIP trunking is a method which will completely eliminate the physical phone connections from your company. That means there are no hardware, wires, or circuit boxes required to maintain the PSTN connection. A trunk is installed over your internet connection and, therefore, it replaces the need for traditional phone lines.


Cost Saving:

You only have to pay for the number of lines you need. The savings can be determined either by purchasing just the number of lines you need or paying only for the number of minutes. This drastically saves you a huge sum of money otherwise spent on phone communication.


SIP trunking works with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) which increases the reliability of services. SIP trunking services are very efficient to manage the down lines whenever your company’s network faces problems to keep your business up and running.

Additionally, there are several other benefits like SIP trunking works with most modern phones, it allows you to transfer old phone numbers to its system, new phone numbers are available at affordable prices, and you don’t have to maintain analog and IP systems.

Why Swift Computers?

Swift Computers is a leading SIP trunking service provider and has helped many businesses to grow their communications. We firstly analyse your bill and then suggest you the number of SIP channels necessary for your business
Swift Computers delivers SIP trunking services over dedicated data links. We ensure that you will get best voice quality and full usage of the channel. We also take care to port your old numbers to our services and manage those numbers for you.
Most importantly, Swift Computers allows you to purchase only the required number of SIP trunking channels you need for your business. You can scale up the services as your business grows.
Get our SIP Trunking services at affordable prices and allow us to grow your business.