The Dream Team

Our staff and team have been in the IT industry for years, and we’ve seen what works with outsourced IT solutions and what doesn’t. We’re not here to see outsourced IT fail. We’re in this because we really believe that IT solutions can be successful and affordable for companies of all sizes, and for businesses with every type of IT need.

Our team work between two offices in Australia and India.

Our processes ensure a smooth journey from start to finish throughout all projects. Our team members come from a variety of backgrounds and have years of experience and knowledge from a wide range of industries.

Communication and excellent organisational skills are critical to a successful project. We are a team that always aims to please and deliver work beyond expectations.

Why choose us

At Swift Computers, our mission is to provide a complete IT solution for your business, so we don’t expect your network or applications to conform to some ‘standard’ solution. We guarantee a custom solution that fits your business needs. We’ve been delivering on this promise for our clients since 2004.

Our differentiators include such features as:

Individualised Customer Solutions

We steadfastly refuse to apply a one-size-fits all strategy to our customers’ needs.

Your team deserves a lot more from your IT, and it’s our job to supply the solutions that help your team get their work done without nasty network surprises.

Experienced and Skilled IT Experts

Working with us, you get a large staff of experienced and skilled IT experts, available to meet the specific needs of your company.

No more hunting down the right expertise because we’ve already done that for you.

Established in the Industry

We’ve been in business and successfully operating since 2004. We’ve been able to step in and meet the IT needs.

• Our experts come with years of experience that makes them great leaders ensuring a strong work ethic and reliability.

Commitment of delivering a solution

We’re in this industry because we really believe that IT solutions can be successful and affordable for companies of all sizes.

We’re here to deliver complete IT solutions to our partners, clients and businesses with every type of IT need.

Our Vision and Mission

It is our intent to be a fast growing company and we’ve got the energy and the drive to do it.

Our mission is to provide superior IT support and management services to small, medium, and even large businesses with long-term commitments.