Cloud Backup and DR

Disasters can happen anytime due to natural calamities or unprecedented cause. When such unforeseen activity happens, it takes down the major power sources causing fire or property destruction which can lead to huge financial losses. All your company’s data is stored in the data storage of your IT system which, if catches fire or collapses, will be destroyed costing you years of hard work, thus, putting your company way back in its progress.

As lots of businesses have already learned the importance of cloud backup and disaster recovery after experiencing huge loss, you have the chance to avoid it. You need to be prepared to face any disaster. Cloud backup and DR services will not only protect your data during a disaster but will help you get back on track quickly.
Swift Computers’ cloud backup and DR services cover your entire IT system and you can put your mind at ease that your precious data is secured and will be restored whenever you need it.

Benefits of Cloud Backup and DR

Automatic Backup: With advanced technology at our disposal your data will be backed up from time to time automatically, saving the trouble of doing it over and over. Copies of your data will be made and stored securely.

Quick Reset: In case if you have a disaster on-site then our services will enable you to launch the data from cloud in just few minutes. Thus, it will save you a lot of time.

Why Swift Computers?

Swift Computers has a proven track record of being the most trusted managed cloud service provider. Our uncompromised services have made several businesses achieve height of unbelievable success and also save a lot of money on the way. We have carefully chosen technology solutions that ensure most secure way to store your data.
Our team of experts is someone you can always rely on when you face any technical issue. They will quickly assist you and recommend a service which will be beneficial for your business. Our quick recovery system can recover your lost data in a matter of minutes and the whole IT system in just a couple of hours.
We keep a keen eye on your system and our advanced monitoring of your system allows us to detect the security breach and stop it. With experts on your side you can cut down on the cost of hiring new engineers and also the cost of maintaining in-house recovery system. Our plans are flexible and affordable. Secure your business with Swift Computers’ cloud backup and disaster recovery services today.