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Why waste valuable talent and space and go astray from your core business? Cloud is where you should be. Huge volume of data at your fingertips in the most economical and secure manner.

Cloud Backup and DR

The essentials to safeguard your data.

Managed Office 365

The power of Microsoft Office Applications unleashed.

Managed Cloud Services

The unsurmountable power of cloud computing is allowing companies to focus on their core…

Cloud Backup and DR
Disasters can happen anytime due to natural calamities or unprecedented cause. When such unforeseen activity happens it takes down the major power sources causing fire or property destruction which can lead to huge financial losses. All your company’s data is stored in the data storage of your IT system which, if catches fire or collapses, will be destroyed costing you years of hard work, thus, putting your company way back in its progress.
As lots of businesses have already learnt the importance of cloud backup and disaster recovery after experiencing huge loss, you have the chance to avoid it. You need to be prepared to face any disaster. Cloud backup and DR services will not only protect your data during a disaster but will help you get back on track quickly.
Swift Computers’ cloud backup and DR services cover your entire IT system and you can put your mind at ease that your precious data is secured and will be restored whenever you need it.
Benefits of Cloud Backup and DR
Automatic Backup: With advanced technology at our disposal your data will be backed up from time to time automatically, saving the trouble of physically doing to again and again. Copies of your data will be made and stored securely.
Quick Reset: In case if you have a disaster on-site then our services will enable you to launch the data from cloud in just few minutes. Thus, it will save you a lot of time.
Why Swift Computers?
Swift Computers has a proven track record of being the most trusted managed cloud service provider. Our uncompromised services has made several businesses achieve height of unbelievable success and also save a lot of money on the way. We have carefully chosen technology solutions that ensure most secure way to store your data.
Our team of experts is someone you can always rely on when you face any technical issue. They will quickly assist you and recommend a service which will be beneficial for your business. Our quick recovery system can recover your lost data in a matter of minutes and the whole IT system in just a couple of hours.
We keep a keen eye on your system and our advanced monitoring of your system allows us to detect the security breach and stop it. With experts on your side you can cut down on the cost of hiring new engineers and also the cost of maintaining in-house recovery system. Our plans are flexible and affordable. Secure your business with Swift Computers’ cloud backup and disaster recovery services today.

Managed Office 365
Office 365 is probably the most important piece of software that will keep your business connected and on the toe of productivity. Swift Computers’ managed office 365 service is designed to meet your needs and it helps increase the efficiency of your business. The Microsoft Office 365 provides features that lets your employees work and share information no matter where they are.
Partner with Swift Computers to get more out of this service. We manage your entire office 365 setup and maintain it so that your employees can work without any distraction. Our office 365 plan covers various services like 24/7 local assistance and several deployment options. Almost all large corporations use office 365 to stay connected and share information across their employees. Besides, we take care of all the technical aspects so that your team can focus entirely on the core business.
What is Office 365 Managed Service?
Microsoft has launched the Office 365 version designed to increase the productivity of businesses in every aspect possible. The features consists of Exchange online, SharePoint Online, Skype for business, and many more that meet the current needs of the corporate world. But, there might be times when you don’t require specific services and discontinuing those can save you a lot of money. This is where a managed service provider comes in.
Microsoft’s Office 365 comes with a customizable option. The applications are based on per user per month model so that you can only keep those applications which are needed and deploy others. We cover all your needs and assist you to employ or deploy services as per the requirement. This saves your time from peeking into administrative tasks and you can focus on your work instead.
Our managed service gives you a team of software licensing experts who keep your Office 365 license up-to-date to avoid any licensing issues.
Why Choose Swift Computers?
Years of experience in providing managed IT services, including managed Office 365 services, to top-level companies we have acquired unmatchable expertise in the industry. We start by surveying your business need and then setup Office 365 subscription accordingly. The Office subscriptions are billed monthly by Swift Computers and our services are most cost-effective in the whole market.
Expert Advice: Swift Computers does not differentiate between a small or large business. For us every client is important regardless of their size. Therefore, we extend our full support and assistance 24/7 from choosing a right plan for you to get you started with the management of Office 365.
You get what suits your business: We have gained the trust of numerous top-line businesses by advising them the most suitable plan for their business. Our team of experts navigate and understand your business and design a plan that will serve your needs at its best increasing the overall productivity on the way.
Migration: If you have an existing service and are planning to migrate on a newer one we will help you migrate all the information from email, contacts, etc. to the newer platform.
Swift Computers works shoulder to shoulder to keep your business on top of the competition. Partner with us and witness your business sky-rocket yourselves.

Managed Cloud Services
The unsurmountable power of cloud computing is allowing companies to focus on their core business instead of wasting huge manpower and money to maintain their IT system. Businesses, large or small, are now transitioning to managed cloud services and bringing in the experts to manage the complex IT network.
A managed cloud service provider, like Swift Computers, provides a team of experts who manage your computing, storage, network, and operating system. Also, with managed cloud a customer can choose which applications to transition to cloud and which to manage in-house.
Types of Cloud Services
There are two levels at which managed cloud services work. Infrastructure level and application level.v

Services for Infrastructure level:
  • Performance testing
  • Architecture assessment
  • System administration and operations
  • DNS management
  • Dedicated support desk
  • Backup and disaster recovery
Application Level Services:
  • DevOps automation tools
  • Database management
  • Managed Virtualization
  • Microsoft application management
  • Digital marketing platform management
Why Swift Computers?
Swift Computers’ managed cloud services provide you with latest infrastructure combined with our top-quality cloud services. So you get two benefits in one package, i.e. the infrastructure plus best suited cloud service. We are dedicated to assist our customers anytime and resolve their issues as quickly as possible. Our managed cloud services will benefit your business in several ways.
Assistance: We provide you with much needed assistance right from setting up your new infrastructure to delivering a satisfying experience to your users. We make sure to reduce your overall cost and provide you a flexible system which you can scale further in the future.
Security: Our platform is built on an advanced technology enterprise and is protected with multiple layers of security. Your data safety is our first and foremost priority and we ensure to deliver it to our fullest. Largest companies have put their trust in our system and witnessed considerable growth in their business.
Expertise: Serving some top business with our high-tech, top-quality services we have gained huge experience and have become experts in the managed cloud service providing industry. Our team of experts have developed a system which allows you to transition your business to cloud securely and that too at a cost-effective price.
When you join hands with Swift Computers you partner with the most trusted and experienced managed cloud service provider. We can take your business to a whole other level.

Microsoft Azure Managed Services

Planning to move your IT infrastructure to Microsoft Azure Cloud?


Every business starts small and slowly grows into a large corporation.

Microsoft Azure Managed Services
Are you planning to move your IT infrastructure to Microsoft Azure Cloud? Then we at Swift Computers can help you transition to the cloud we can also help you manage your new cloud-based infrastructure.
What is Microsoft Azure Service?
Microsoft Azure services is a global network of data centres that’s being preferred by most, large or small, businesses. It is the collection of integrated cloud services and helps to manage all the data and applications on global scale.
These services are available on cloud so you can build or deploy without any restriction of place. That means you have remote accessibility to your data. Also, Azure services are so flexible that you can choose tools, applications, and framework of your choice. You also have the freedom to connect the cloud to your existing on-premises system and draw maximum output from your initial investments.
Microsoft Azure services are highly flexible and offer a public cloud service. You can add on or remove any products as per the requirement of your project.
Why Choose Swift Computers?
Swift Computers’ Azure services are designed keeping in mind the requirements of customers. We have a protocol which we strictly follow till the end to ensure that you don’t suffer any loss, technical or financial, throughout our service.
We first observe your business and carefully note down its Azure requirements. Then we proceed to setup your Azure subscription. Swift Computers will bill you the subscription charges monthly. We not only setup your Azure services but manage it for you so that you don’t face any technical issues.
Once your subscription is setup we also provide you with numerous different services suitable for your Azure service. Our team of experts constantly monitors your IT environment and prevents it from any security breach which might cause downtime.
When it comes to Azure managed services Swift Computers is the first choice of businesses. Our top-class services boosts the productivity of your business. Some of the benefits after partnering with us are:
Cost-Effective Services: With years of on-hand technical experience our team of experts will design, setup, and manage your entire Azure service. This will save you lot of time and money which you would have spent on hiring a specialist from Microsoft itself.
Secure Transition and Constant Assistance: Our team can transition your entire existing infrastructure to Microsoft Azure using advanced industry tools to avoid any data loss or disruption.
Secured Data: Swift Computers has world-class multi layered security which ensures the safety of your data. We are always alert and stop any external threat before they hit your system.
We have been in the industry for a long time and have climbed to the top of the chart by providing up-to-the-mark services. Join hands with us and let us help your business grow.

Every business starts small and slowly grows into a large corporation. As the business size increases the IT system of the company increases too. And, after a certain point, it’s not a good idea to keep the IT equipment in your office space. Because, the data servers demand low temperature environment which will cost you huge bills on the power and maintenance.
Therefore, professional colocation service providers such as Swift Computers provide you with safer and highly maintained data centres. The servers will remain your property but will be maintained, managed, and monitored by experts at Swift Computers. Our data centres comply with the regulatory guidelines and are secured with layers of security which ensures your data safety.
How Does Colocation Work?
Let’s say your business has grown thrice as much in the last two years. Now as your business is growing you are hiring more people, installing more machines, and, thus, requiring more and more space to accommodate all this. But as you grow so will the demand for space. The servers, which you were initially maintaining in-house, will also increase in number and, therefore, will demand more space too.
Servers are the heart of your business and in order to secure your data you need to maintain servers time to time. But with limited space and resources it might seem as a problem for you. This is where a managed colocation service provider comes in. With us you have the control over operating system, applications, and server services while we provide you our space, network, and power resources. You get to use our enhanced IT support services without investing huge money in your own.
Benefits of Colocation with Swift Computers
We are the most trusted service providers when it comes to data storage and security. Our data centres have multi-layered security to ensure the safety of your valuable data and we also support your business by assisting you for any technical issues.
Partnering with Swift Computers has numerous benefits in store for you like:
Trusted Services: We have gained valuable trust from some of the top companies by providing our world class services. We have ample space for your servers and provide high-level maintenance and security. Our racks are equipped with advanced technology airflow system that ensures low temperature necessary for your servers.
Save Time and Money: You get to use our high-class infrastructure for your servers. This saves you a lot of time and money which you would invest in your own data center otherwise.
Anytime Assistance:Swift Computers is dedicated to solve customers’ issues as quickly as possible. Therefore, we provide dedicated 24/7 monitoring and technical services such as data storage, network security, etc.
Swift Computers has years of experience and expertise in the managed service provider industry. We are trusted among the top businesses and you can trust us too. Join hands with us and secure your data with our top line infrastructure at an affordable price.