Disaster Recovery

It is extremely important to keep the data secured from external threats and cyber-attacks so that your company does not go down the drowning phase. In events like cyber-attacks, security breach, natural disasters, or device failures the first thing that gets compromised after the hardware is the years of data and information about your company. Therefore, you need an assured way to make your data safe and secured. Here is when a dedicated disaster recovery plan will save your day.
Disasters don’t come with a pre-informed time and date. These catastrophic events can happen anywhere and anytime destroying whatever comes in its way. Companies prepare to face such disasters well before time so that their system come to life quickly and can resume work. Thus, saving the company from massive financial losses. Disaster recovery plan is a plan which helps all the aspects of your IT system running even after a major disaster.



Minimizes downtime:

A disaster recovery plan is pre-assessed. Before you purchase a plan your IT system is thoroughly assessed for any vulnerabilities. This helps to build a strong plan according to your IT system. So after a disaster, your company can quickly cover the wasted time, thus, saving you from a long no-work gap.

Avoids Financial Losses:

Once your company is covered with a disaster recovery plan you are saved from major losses as a single disaster can destroy years of valuable data.

Why Swift Computers?

When you purchase a disaster recovery plan from Swift Computers you are entitled to several benefits and our trust.

A Dedicated Team:

We provide a dedicated team who assess your system for any weak points in your infrastructure. This helps us to provide you with a plan most suited to your IT.

Cost-Effective Services:

Swift Computers disaster recovery plan is affordable and, in long-term, will save you a huge amount of money. We never compromise on our services and our team is always alert and helpful whenever you need us.

Prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, it’s a smart decision to invest in a plan which will save your company from unfortunate events. Join hands with us and let us protect your IT with dignity.