Network Security

Hackers are getting smarter everyday. They use complex programming to sneak into business networks to steal important data. Your system might get compromised if a dangerous virus finds its way in. Traditional anti-virus programs are not good enough to stop such high-risk viruses. And with growing business, your IT system eventually gets more complex. Therefore, its important to keep your network secure from prying eyes.
Your system is prone to security threats like viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, adware, identity theft, etc. among many others. The presence of such harmful threats makes your system vulnerable. Now the question is how do you secure your system with less complexity and still provide maximum security? The answer is to implement additional strong layers of security called a next-generation firewall. This firewall includes services like:
  • Web content filtering
  • Virus protection
  • Intrusion and theft protection
  • VPN services
Swift Computers protects your IT system by applying these layers of security so that your network passes through us and eliminates threats if there are any. This way your entire system is under the supervision and can quickly report any issues. Our standard reporting protocol provides a single report which helps us in determining threats across the whole system and take action at once. Our advanced security firewall gives your entire IT network stronger and layered protection against powerful threats.


Protection of Important Data

All your business depends on the valuable data stored in the data storage or cloud. If someone breaches your security and steals the data, years of work can wash down the drain in minutes and your company can face unimaginable loss.
But with integrated firewall, protection against intrusion, and antivirus features, Swift Computers will secure your IT system all the way.

Cost Effective

Imagine the financial loss your company will face if your data is stolen. Or you invest in cheap security just to find out that your system was breached! Swift Computers cost effective high-class next-generation firewall is affordable and will save you a lot of money over time.


The increased visibility into your IT system helps us to identify potential threats, unknown users, network devices, etc. This further helps us to quickly track any suspicious actions or users into the network to avoid any further damage.

Why Swift Computers?

When you have numerous options, we at Swift Computers promise to have something more to offer.

Top-Class Network Security:

Swift Computers provides multi-layered firewall system for your IT network. We take quick action and resolve the issue and provide you with monthly reports.

24/7 Helpline:

Our team of experts is always on their toes to help you assist with the problems. We have a dedicated service desk team available 24/7 who are constantly keeping watch on your entire IT system.

Secure your company’s network today and ensure a safe, healthy future for your company. Once your network is protected it will help grow your business without any external risks.