Every business starts small and slowly grows into a large corporation. As the business size increases the IT system of the company increases too. And after a certain point, it’s not a good idea to keep the IT equipment in your office space. The data servers demand low temperature environment which will cost you huge bills on the power and maintenance.

Professional colocation service providers such as Swift Computers provide you with safer and highly maintained data centres. The servers will remain in your property but will be maintained, managed, and monitored by experts at Swift Computers. Our data centres comply with the regulatory guidelines and are secured with layers of security which ensures your data safety.

How Does Colocation Work?

Let’s say your business has grown thrice as much in the last two years. Now as your business is growing you are hiring more people, installing more machines, and, thus, requiring more and more space to accommodate all this. The servers, which you were maintaining in-house, will also increase in number and, therefore, will demand more space.

Servers are the heart of your business and in order to secure your data you need to maintain your servers. But with limited space and resources it might seem as a problem for you. This is where a managed colocation service provider comes in. With us you have the control over operating system, applications, and server services while we provide you our space, network, and power resources. You get to use our enhanced IT support services without investing too much.

Benefits of Colocation with Swift Computers

We are the most trusted service providers when it comes to data storage and security. Our data centres have multi-layered security to ensure the safety of your valuable data and we also support your business by assisting you for any technical issues.
Partnering with Swift Computers has numerous benefits in store for you like:

Trusted Services: We have gained valuable trust from some of the top companies by providing our world class services. We have ample space for your servers and provide high-level maintenance and security. Our racks are equipped with advanced technology airflow system that ensures low temperature necessary for your servers.

Save Time and Money: You get to use our high-class infrastructure for your servers. This saves you a lot of time and money which you would invest in your own data center otherwise.

Anytime Assistance: Swift Computers is dedicated to solve customers’ issues as quickly as possible. Therefore, we provide dedicated 24/7 monitoring and technical services such as data storage, network security, etc.

Swift Computers has years of experience and expertise in the managed service provider industry. We are trusted among the top businesses and you can trust us too. Join hands with us and secure your data with our top line infrastructure at an affordable price.