Business Internet

Swift Computers provides a range of business internet solutions with guaranteed high-speed internet that keeps your business fast paced as always. Are you planning to setup internet in your company? Then get Swift Computers managed business internet services which allows your employees to send large files, access applications quickly, and indulge in high definition video conferencing without any latency.

We operate on latest technologies such as Fibre Optics, Dark Fibre, Fibre 400 & 1000, MPLS, our internet services give you the highest data speed for uploads and downloads as per industry standards. And with different access methods you can choose any one that suits your business needs.

What We Offer?

NBN: The Telecommunications network that every Australian business should be on. NBN replaces the age-old copper cables to the new fibre cables that significantly improve your broadband speed and give better quality of voice and data. It empowers businesses to reach out to a larger global market. It offers flexibility so that you can allocate certain bandwidth to on-site services of your business such as CCTV & POS system, business grade VoIP services, hosting on-site servers and more.

Fibre 400 & 1000: Enterprise grade Fibre speeds of the cost effective 400 MBPS or the more solid and speedy 1 GBPS. The bandwidth can be dedicated to just internet or it can be split across data, internet, voice or cloud. You make the choice and we provide the flexibility. Futureproof your business performance. This performance is backed by a 99.95% availability SLA backed by outage restoration targets and rebates.

Dark Fibre: With Dark Fibre, you get complete bandwidth and protocol flexibility which is limited only with the type of equipment you use at each end of the line. Technically you have bandwidth that is unlimited and a connection that’s very secure. It’s a WAN connection that gives you complete control of your network and the flexibility to upgrade your hardware and upstream configuration. ISO 9001:2008 certified assures quality of installation, maintenance and management.

MPLS (Multiprotocol label switching): MPLS is a technique that can deliver anything from IP VPN’s to metro Ethernet. A mechanism that routes traffic from one network node to the next. It can provide applications such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN), traffic engineering (TE) and Quality of Service (QoS)
The way MPLS works is, packets get directed through the network based on an assigned label. This label is then associated to a pre-determined path through the network that allows a higher level of control compared to packet-switched networks. It allows for differing QoS priorities and characteristics to assign on a particular data flow. There is a fallback path that as an operator we can determine in the event that the traffic must be re-routed.