Microsoft Azure Managed Services

Are you planning to move your IT infrastructure to Microsoft Azure Cloud? We can help you transition to the cloud, and manage your new cloud-based infrastructure.

What is Microsoft Azure Service?

Microsoft Azure services is a global network of data centres that’s being preferred by most, large or small businesses. It is the collection of integrated cloud services and helps to manage all the data and applications on global scale.

These services are available on cloud so you can build or deploy without any physical restriction. That means you have remote accessibility to your data. Also, Azure services are so flexible that you can choose tools, applications, and framework of your choice. You also have the freedom to connect the cloud to your existing on-premises system and draw maximum output from your initial investments.

Microsoft Azure services are highly flexible and offer a public cloud service. You can add on or remove any products as per the requirement of your project.

Why Choose Swift Computers?

Swift Computers’ Azure services are designed keeping in mind the requirements of customers. We have a protocol which we strictly follow till the end to ensure that you don’t suffer any loss, technical or financial, throughout our service.
We first observe your business and carefully note down its Azure requirements. Then we proceed to setup your Azure subscription. Swift Computers will bill you the subscription charges monthly. We not only setup your Azure services but manage it for you so that you don’t face any technical issues.
Once your subscription is setup, we also provide you with numerous different services suitable for your Azure service. Our team of experts constantly monitors your IT environment and prevents it from any security breach which might cause downtime.


When it comes to Azure managed services Swift Computers is the first choice of businesses. Our top-class services boosts the productivity of your business. Some of the benefits after partnering with us are:

Cost-Effective Services: With years of on-hand technical experience our team of experts will design, setup, and manage your entire Azure service. This will save you lot of time and money which you would have spent on hiring a specialist from Microsoft itself.

Secure Transition and Constant Assistance: Our team can transition your entire existing infrastructure to Microsoft Azure using advanced industry tools to avoid any data loss or disruption.

Secured Data: Swift Computers has world-class multi layered security which ensures the safety of your data. We are always alert and stop any external threat before they hit your system.

We have been in the industry for a long time and have climbed to the top of the chart by providing up-to-the-mark services. Join hands with us and let us help your business grow.