Managed Cloud Services

The unsurmountable power of cloud computing is allowing companies to focus on their core business instead of wasting huge manpower and money to maintain their IT system. Businesses, large or small, are now transitioning to managed cloud services and bringing in the experts to manage the complex IT network.
A managed cloud service provider, like Swift Computers, provides a team of experts who manage your computing, storage, network, and operating system. Also, with managed cloud a customer can choose which applications to transition to cloud and which to manage in-house.

Types of Cloud Services

There are two levels at which managed cloud services work. Infrastructure level and application level.

Services for Infrastructure level:

  • Performance testing
  • Architecture assessment
  • System administration and operations
  • DNS management
  • Dedicated support desk
  • Backup and disaster recovery

Application Level Services:

  • DevOps automation tools
  • Database management
  • Managed Virtualization
  • Microsoft application management
  • Digital marketing platform management

Why Swift Computers?

Swift Computers’ managed cloud services provide you with latest infrastructure combined with our top-quality cloud services. So you get two benefits in one package, i.e. the infrastructure plus best suited cloud service. We are dedicated to assist our customers anytime and resolve their issues as quickly as possible. Our managed cloud services will benefit your business in several ways.

Assistance: We provide you with much needed assistance right from setting up your new infrastructure to delivering a satisfying experience to your users. We make sure to reduce your overall cost and provide you a flexible system which you can scale further in the future.

Security: Our platform is built on an advanced technology enterprise and is protected with multiple layers of security. Your data safety is our first and foremost priority and we ensure to deliver it to our fullest. Big companies have put their trust in our system and witnessed considerable growth in their business.

Expertise: Serving top businesses with our high-tech, top-quality services we have gained huge experience and have become experts in the managed cloud service providing industry. Our team of experts have developed a system which allows you to transition your business to cloud securely and that too at a cost-effective price.

When you join hands with Swift Computers you partner with the most trusted and experienced managed cloud service provider. We can take your business to a whole other level.